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Fundraising for Choir

Student Accounts
Each student is given a personal account where their fundraising dollars reside.
This account can be used towards the cost of trips, workshops,
choir gear and other choir related expenses.
Upon graduation, the balance can be transferred to a sibling's account,
transferred to the choir scholarship account,
or transferred to the choir general budget.
Gertrude Hawk
Chocolate bars arrive in cases of 48 and are sold for $1 each. For each box sold, $16 gets deposited into the student's individual account. To sell Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars, the student must bring in $48 cash or check ("PHS Choir"). After they sell all 48 bars, they can purchase another box with the $48 they collected. When they are finished selling their final box, the $48 collected will go back to the person who funded the first box.
Ashley Farms
This catalog sale offers a wide variety of items, including cheesecakes, pies, cookies, magazine subscriptions, candles, and more. About 25-33% of sales gets deposited into the student's individual account. This fundraising program offers prizes to students who sell a certain number of items. Ashley Farms offers opportunities to pay by cash, check ("PHS Choir") and credit card. Please see the information your student brings home regarding this fundraiser. Most items are delivered to the school frozen and must be picked up during the designated pick-up time.
SaveAround Coupon Books
Entertainment coupon books are available for the price of $25.  For each book sold, $10 gets deposited into the student's individual account. We stock "Lehigh Valley" books, but books for many other regions in the U.S. can be found and purchased at