Grade Levels » 9th Grade Elective Choices

9th Grade Elective Choices

Agricultural Science Electives
Intro to Ag Science Ornamental Horticulture I Leadership I
Business Electives
Intro to Business Computer Science Discoveries Web Page Design
  Digital Media Arts  
Family and Consumer Science Electives
Sewing and Fashion Design Culinary Arts I
Industrial Technology Electives
Intro to Woodworking Engineering Concepts/Intro to CAD Small Gas Engines
Basic Car Care   Honors Intro to Robotics
Informational Technology Electives
CP/Honors Intro to Programming Intermediate Programming Honors introduction to Cyber, IT & Networking
Fine and Performing Arts Electives
Drama Visual Arts I Art History I
Music Electives
CP Mixed Choir I CP Garnet and Gray Chorale CP Stateliner Singers I
Music Appreciation CP Band I/Band Front Jazz Ensemble
Guitar Performance History of Rock & Roll Music Theory I
Media Arts
Stateliner Media I: Video Production