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Courses Offerings
      • The Stateliner TV /Video Production class is a full-year course that serves as a foundation of video media and editing along with an introduction to broadcast studio production. Students will learn graphic design using Adobe PhotoShop, aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production, and video production using Adobe Premiere. They will learn to take an idea, develop a plan, and implement that plan to create a final product.  Students will be expected to be creative, collaborate, and critically think.
#853B – STATELINER TV 2 – 2.5 CREDITS Grades 10-12
      • The Stateliner TV 2/Broadcasting course is a full-year hands-on course aiming to explore the balance between technology and creativity. Students' main role will be to create and plan the Stateliner TV Morning Announcements. Students will learn to take their ideas and develop them into a workable plan, then implement that plan into a finished product. It is the 21st-century classroom in that it aims to give students preparation for real-life work experience by focusing on problem-solving, creativity, analytic skills, collaboration, communication, and accountability. Students will be required to complete non-class videotaping of high school and/or community events.
#853C – STATELINER TV 3 – 2.5 CREDITS   Grades 10-12
      • In the Stateliner TV 3 /Leadership Broadcasting course, students will be involved with writing, taping, producing, editing, and broadcasting television programs for the school and community. The course will introduce students to the basic fundamentals of on-air performance, advertising, news production, and promotion in the communications industry. Students will be required to complete non-class video-taping of high school and/or community events. At level 3, students are expected to be role models and they will get the experience of being in a leadership role.