PHS Club Information

2019-2020 Clubs




Academic Team

Members involved are challenged to use their knowledge and/or to work collaboratively as a team in competitions throughout the state and nationally.

Allison Chase

Kayla Krouse

Baking Goodness Club

Members create baked goods for the school and community, hosting bake sales, and donating proceeds to local charities, and other school clubs.  Baked goods are also provided for a variety of school functions.

Tina Brandes

Book Club

Students meet in the Library to discuss monthly selected books that have been read.  Members also fundraise for field trips to plays and movies.

Tracy Herdlein

Kathleen Servilio

Chess Club

Members are provided the opportunity to increase problem solving skills, think critically, and make judgments through the game of chess, which has also been proven to improve social habits.

Michael Echevarria

Christian Fellowship Club

An opportunity for students to meet with fellow students to discuss and study the Bible.  The student led club discussions strive to implement lessons in daily life.

Ryan Brandes

Class Offices

Each grade level elects 5 (+) executive officers to coordinate class activities, under the guidance of 2 advisors to plan and develop the activities for the grade level throughout the school year.

Allison Chase - Grade 9

Rebecca Williams-Ellis - Grade 9

Jenna Sokolowski - Grade 10

Aimee Kunst - Grade 10

Alison Attinello - Grade 11 

Jennifer Kane - Grade 11 

James Bronico – Grade 12

Rita Santoro – Grade 12

Club Unify

Promotes positive interactions between students with and without disabilities, bringing them together in social and recreational activities.  The goal is respect, friendship and acceptance.  Each month will feature an activity or different topic for discussion.

Lisa Seier

Comic Club

The mission is to examine how social issues shape literature and analyze the literary value of this visual story-telling medium.  The students share an interest in comics and view different genres of comic art.  They participate in workshops and presentations with guest artists/writers throughout the school year.

Faith Roncoroni

Dance Team

Combination of cheering and dance which provides students an opportunity to perform at athletic events.

Emily Decker

Drama Club

Students involved participate in a variety of the school’s dramatic programs; Fall Drama, Spring Musical, Tournament of Plays, and behind the scenes supporting roles with play production, such as, costumes, lighting, sound, and sets.

Laurie Schmid - Advisor

Karl Schmid - Business Manager

Lauren Smith - Fall Drama Director

Amy Howe - Spring Musical Director

Lauren Smith - Spring Vocal Director

Devon Caraballo - Choreographer

Kyle Fleming - Pitt Band Director

Christopher West - Sets Director

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Promotes a passion for adventure and imagination and to grow that trait with other students to create a sense of being a part of something bigger than ones self, as role-playing set in a fantasy world.

Kevin Mahony

Environmental Club

Promotes an appreciation and understanding of the environment and how individuals interrelate to it.

Rebecca Williams-Ellis

Fashion Club

Members have an opportunity to design, express themselves through fashion, and meet to discuss fashion trends; incorporating those trends into the school environment. Students host a “Dress for Success” day, and other fashion related activities.

Alexandra Elling

Jean Vanic

Fitness Club

Promotes student physical fitness, and healthy habits development.

George Baurkot

Foreign Language Club

Members have an opportunity to experience a linguistically diverse world and to promote one’s culture through language.

Christine Cito

Forensics Team

Members are provided an opportunity to improve oral communications skills, by competing in debate and speech categories at state and national tournaments.

Laurie Schmid


(Future Business

Leaders of America)

Prepares students for real world professional experiences and career success. Members gain competitive skills for college, as well.

Jason Kish


(Future Educators of America)

Provides opportunity for students interested in the field of education, the experiences to foster this appreciation and career path through activities with children.

Jenna Sokolowski


(Future Farmers of America)

(Phillipsburg Chapter)

Prepares students for careers and professional leadership in the agricultural field.  They participate in regional, state, national competitions and workshops.

Gregory Babbitt

Jessica Heritage

Girls Go Cyber-Start Club

A skills-based challenging competition designed to encourage high school girls to pursue cyber-based learning and career opportunities.

Laura Wojick


Gay Straight Alliance Club

Provides a supportive, safe and accepting space, bringing awareness to the LGBTQ community.  Various fundraisers provide social events and awareness to a diverse student population.

April Poretta

Brooke Rhinehart

Girl Up Club

(In Her Element)

Members meet to discuss issues effecting women locally and globally.  Students design programs and activities to empower girls, while raising money for organizations that work toward achieving equality for girls’ in education, health, social, and economic opportunities, as well as, a life free from violence.



Faith Roncoroni



Healing Hearts Club

Students who volunteer time with the elderly in care centers, and as volunteers in hospitals with objectives to provide comfort and boost morale to patients going through rough periods. 

Melissa O'Donnell

Interact Club

Interact Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club, is dedicated to service and creates opportunities for members, based on current community and international needs. 


Japanese Anime & Manga Club

Provides opportunity to students to explore and study Japanese culture through written and visual media.

Faith Roncoroni

Karux Newspaper

Students participate in a “hands on” experience in Journalism, and publish a school newspaper several times a year.

Beverly Weihz


Karux Yearbook

Open to Juniors and Seniors only.  The culmination of class effort is the publication of the high school yearbook.

Lisa Weindel

Marcie Tate

Ashley Parkansky -

Business Manager

Key Club

A student service organization, modeled after and associated with the Kiwanis Club.  Membership is by application.

Kayla Krouse



Student led organization, which hosts fundraisers all throughout the year, culminating in a 12 hour, no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon.  Monies raised benefits the Four Diamonds Fund for pediatric cancer.

John MacDonald

Jeffrey Knappenberger

Mock Trial Competition Team

Members experience the American legal system through a “hands on” courtroom simulation. The  mission is to increase comprehension of the historical, ethical, and philosophical basis of the American system of justice.

Jill Wagner

Multi-Cultural Club

Students have an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity.   Each month a different culture is highlighted and presented.

Laurie Schmid

National Honor Society

Recognizes students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  Membership is by application for eligible students with a 4.5 gpa or higher in the fall of the junior and/or senior year.

Megan Genzale

Pep Band

A student directed organization providing music at all Varsity Boys’ Basketball games.

Kyle Fleming

Performing Arts Club

Members are singers, songwriters and instrumentalists coming together to create original music and/or perform their own choice of music.  Open to singers and students who play guitar, piano, and other instruments.

Thomas DiGiovanni

Photography Club

Student creative outlet to express originality and talent through photography.

Jason Coombe

Poetry Club

A platform for students to express themselves through words, and grow with support of other members in the club who share a common interest.

Jacob Compton

Politics Club

Educates students on current and past issues of politics and government.  Local and federal systems are explored.

Jill Wagner


Psychology Club

A student organization that focuses on current topics of psychology, such as, coping with stress and promoting good mental health.  Provides students with opportunities for community service, fundraising for mental health organizations, and helping children with special needs.

Jeffrey Knappenberger


(Students Against

Destructive Decisions)

Promotes student awareness regarding the impact of drinking and driving.  Pertinent literature and activities are provided to students to stress the dangers of driving under the influence.

Courtney Steele

Toni Popinko

Sign Language Club

Students have an opportunity to learn American Sign Language, hand signing basics and engaging in “silent” conversations, translating songs and stories.  Awareness is raised for an understanding and appreciation for Deaf culture.

Allison Didden

Ski Club

A learn to ski program offering reduced student rates.

Ryan Brandes

Start. The. Talk.

A group centered around raising awareness of mental health, fighting the stigma of mental illness and creating a safe and connected space to better our school and community.

Marcie Tate

April Poretta

Stateliners Supporting Our Troops

For students interested in supporting the men and women in uniform, by sending care packages and letters of support.

Kirsten Labriola

Step Dance Team

Students work together to create the dance stepping choreography, learning the core values of teamwork, discipline, and gaining confidence and self-esteem through practice and performances.


Student Council

A service organization that presents an opportunity for students to develop character for citizenship and leadership.  Representatives interact with peers in the state and nation through affiliation with New Jersey Association of Student Councils.  Charity and community service are an integral part of the organization with donations made to state charities. 

William English

Richard Kiley


(Technology Student Association)

Encourages students to participate in community service, while developing character.  Also, increases knowledge of technology in activities in the areas of Automotive, Design/Problem Solving, Wood Working, Photography, Drafting and Electronics.

Laura Wojick

William Noble