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PHS 5% Archive

The 5% idea builds on the assumption that if 5% of a population find an idea valuable enough to learn more and/or implement, then it is time well spent listening to a colleague share that idea.  Each month at our faculty meetings, a colleague might share an idea, technique, strategy, or practice that somehow works for them.  This could be how they communicate with students and/or parents, a technology hack, a classroom management idea, a lesson plan strategy, etc.  It may not be a new idea, but it may be new to one of the people in the audience, and it could change how they do their job.  When a staff member shares an idea they will be asked to share only the basic concept of the idea, and if staff wish to learn more they can catch up outside of the faculty meeting.   This link will also archive the monthly ideas for future reference.




Date of Faculty Meeting Concept Shared Staff Member who shared
September Genesis Web Desk: use web desk to set up portals of info so it is at your fingertips. You can customize the information you want to see on your web desk such as, students who are absent today, a student watch list, your schedule, etc. Kara Singley