Scholarship Resources

Attention Seniors
The Spring Scholarship applications are now available via your Naviance Student Account.

Students will complete applications for which they meet the requirements.  Directions to access local scholarships on Naviance are listed below.  Also listed below is the current list of available scholarships with requirements & deadlines.  If a scholarship has TBA as a deadline, the committee has not yet confirmed the scholarship. As they become available, an email and updated list will be emailed & posted for students.

The applications will be submitted in one of three manners:

  1. An application will be sent via traditional mail if a physical address is included on the scholarship application by the student.
  2. An application will be submitted electronically to an email/online address if included   on the scholarship application by the student.
  3. An application will be returned to Mrs. Honey, at if the scholarship application lists PHS Scholarship Committee as contact.

Please pay close attention to scholarship due dates.  Some scholarship applications require recommendations with the applications.  If you have a copy of recommendations, please include with the application.  If you do not have a teacher recommendation, please contact the teacher or counselor.

Students will need to download a copy of their transcript & report cards from the Parent/Student Access Portal to accompany the application.  Transcript is located under the Grade History Tab & Report Card is listed under Report Card tab.  Please make sure to submit all materials together with your completed application.  Committees can refuse the application if there are items missing.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact your counselor.  As always, we thank you for your continued flexibility as we navigate this challenge.