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Faculty Directory

Agriculture Science

Greg Babbitt (email)

Jessica Heritage (email)
Family and Consumer Sciences

Tina Brandes (email)

Anthony Morici (email)
Industrial Technology
  Jason Coombe (email)

Thomas Nagy (email)

Carey Nemeth (email)

William Noble (email)
Joshua Codis
Katie Devine (email)
Elizabeth  Di Stefano (email)
Alexandra Doremus (email)
Christopher Labatch (email)
Kirsten Labriola
Barbara Mikulski (email
Lauren Miller
Shelley Miller (email
Taylor Polet (email)
Dylan Sapir (email)
Ryan Brandes (email)

Allison Chase (email)
Nicole Fulmer (email)
Megan Genzale (email
Stephen Genzale (email)

Joseph Grady (email)
William Hurst (email)
Kayla Krouse (email)
Katelyn Marinelli (email)
Angela Merrick
Teresa Perlowski (email)
Kara Singley (email)

Marcie Tate (email)
Mrs. Tate's Website

Rebecca Williams-Ellis (email)
Special Education  
Jo Bononno (email
James Bronico (email)
Anthony Ciavarella
Amy Coombe (email)
Mavis Deary
Allison Didden (email
Nicole Frick (email)

Tracy Herdlein (email)
Diane Kasharian 

Bud Kohler (email)
Jeffrey Kolodziejczyk (email)
Aimee Kunst (email)
Kevin Mahony (email
Dianna Marinaro (email)
Denise Michael (email)

Michael Mularik (email)
Alex Ostrowski (email)
Rita Santoro (email)
Todd Sigafoos
Stephanie Sponchiado (email)
Karen Stangl (email)
Melinda Stano
Kimberly Troxell (email)
Jean Vanic (email)
Jodi Wacik (email)
Alexis Weber

Monica Zeeman (email)
Social Studies  
George Baurkot (email)
Ian Decker (email
William English (email)

Anthony Frey (email)
Jeffrey Knappenberger (email
Matthew Schenk (email)
Laurie Schmid (email)
Mrs. Schmid's Website

Juliann Skrapits (email)

Donald Smith (email)

Jill Wagner (email)
Lisa Weindel (email)
Lisa Green
Jason Kish (email)

Laura Wojick (email)
Nicole Boncik (email)
Jacob Compton
Melissa Culp (email)

Stephanie English (email)
Kathleen Fisher (email)
Jennifer Kane (email)
Diane Larena (email)
Carly Loiacono(email
Melissa O'Donnell (email)
George Pavlinsky (email)
Faith Roncoroni (email)
Kathleen Smith (email)
Jenna Sokolowski (email)
Evan Weller (email)
Amy Huff - ESL (email)
Fine Arts  
Maria Doll (email)
Keith Dwyer (email)
Jason Horvath (email
Natalie Megaro (email)
Jennifer Schilling-Horvath (email)
Beverly Weihz (email)
World Languages  
Macawley Brown (email)
Christine Cito (email)
Richard Kiley (email)
Chelsea Leiner (email)
John MacDonald (email)
Anne Muehlenkamp (email)
Mary Mularik (email)
Rebecca Trimber (email)
Instrumental and Vocal Music  
Kyle Fleming (email)

Thomas DiGiovanni (email)
Physical Education (Department Website)  
Alison Attinello
Kristin Boyer (email)
Michael Ciavarella
Donald Gentzle (email
Brandt Godshalk (email)
Richard Guman (email)
David Hinkle (email)
Noelle Hrunka
Brett Hyland (email)
Toni Popinko (email
Courtney Steele (email)
Other Faculty
S.O.L.A.R. Program and In-School Suspension

Scott Kish (email)

Frank Duffy (email)
Mr. Duffy's Website